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Great app

Gr8 doggie ❤️ This app is really great. But I think it needs more dog pictures. No matter what I still like it .My wallpaper is changing pretty much everyday.

Amazingly powerful app

I love how you can add backgrounds! It’s a great app. Let’s you erase backgrounds easily, and I highly recommend it.

Great great app

My kids love this app for photos and editing. This app helped them so much with insta and all pictures!!

it’s pretty cool

Making YouTube thumbnails with this app is so much easier than what I used to do. seriously the best—and it’s free!

Awesome selection!

This app is amazing and best app for erasing bagrounds. Makes it easy to erase a background in your photo!


Such an easy app to use! Love it I’ve used other apps like this and this one seems more precise so far. Also i had to pay for the other ones.

Looks good

This is a great app for digital pop hacking and the best background remover in the store

Not bad yet

It's looking good so far. cool application.. very useful and easy to understand...


Exactly what I was looking for.Very easy to use unlike other apps! Really great app, easy to use.

I use this a lot

The backgrounds are really cool and it’s real easy to cutout the background :)

Best app evrrr

Try this app for one day and I'll guarantee you'll be inpressed. It does what I need it to do


Great quality pics and lots of categories. Simply the best, no more words!!!


This app is so amazing.Ithas amazing photos. Thanks you

It's very good

It's very good app at showing newest pictures for wallpaper in HD resolution.

Thanks you so much

Thank you so much so good job it is called as I look at your pictures I love our world better than you are good.


Nice clear pictures., keep up the good work...

The best wallpaper app

The best quality wallpapers I have ever seen, thumbs up for the app.

Really love this

Photos are incredibly high quality. Really loving exploring this App! 5 stars!

Love this app

I love ❤️ this app so mug it has so many amazing pix it is basically impossible to hate it

Nice wallpaper

Nice wallpaper and awesome. Love this app so much

Five stars

Super, class, who does not believe that in the eye that my wallpaper can beautiful like this


Excellence done to perfection! This has been a massive life changer!! I have recommended to everyone!

Pretty wallpapers

Very pleased what you can find. I'm always changing. You won't be disappointed even if you do try the free version. The ads are less the 5 seconds each.

nice collection of pictures

Just wish they had more marvel comics stars !! It has a lot of options for me to choose to make my wallpaper

Download this app

Best collection of photos I have found. I love it. It's better than Zedge because Zedge is dead. But there is 1 problem... the ads there dumb

It Insisting Me

Very good quality. It has a lot of options. I've tried many free wallpaper apps, and I love the pictures. Probably one of the best free wallpaper app on the App Store

Ok then

Love free wallpaper - can't complain! I love this app it has so much wallpapers and they are so cute and cool


It’s nice love the wallpapers and it’s awesome ❤️ Excellence... Easily the best app for great wallpapers... Easy to download and free .. thanks again

Hi, loved the app

Love the wallpapers that are updated. Everybody should download this app to app cool and beautiful wallpapers

Best wallpaper

I've used so many wallpapers from this app it's great! It was a great app it had everything I ask for and it had really good pictures I would suggest

So love this app

It’s amazing I told my friends to download it. I want a new wallpaper and therefore I'm here doing this


I love this app cause there's so many different things you can do and so many really cute wallpapers

Really good

It was really good and I got a lot of wallpapers for myself

Great app

These wallpapers really make my phone shine on like a crazy diamond! Great app!


the wallpapers are trendy, bright, and high definition. Perfect for me

Great wallpapers

It is a great app the wallpapers are the best on this app than any other app and it is super easy to work

Very good

Very good quality. It has a lot of options for me to choose to make my wallpaper


I want a new wallpaper and therefore I'm here doing this. Perfect


beautiful pictures with high quality can't believe I make it. Wonderful

5 stars

It's cheesy to force a 5 star review in order to use this app. I barely looked at it

It's amazing

It’s amazing I told my friends to download it to have best wallpaper by yourself


I’m trying to go on and draw my own wallpaper but it’s always crashing! I go on again to the same app (this one) and try again and it crashes. I go on and try the same thing again then it crashes... Please update the app!

Really happy

So many different shape up text color design. So cool, I really happy to use it

Love this app

I love this app SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!<333333 keep up the good work!!!!

Should get

It has so many cute designs and awesome colors🤘🏼. I suggest that you should get this app if you send cute wallappers💖.


I love this app and it is totally worth getting it. And I've told a bunch of my friends about it and they got the app


This app is amazing. I love the text and backgrounds you can do my phone background looks so great


It's great easy to learn options are nice for me to make wallpaper

5 stars

I think its worth 5 stars because of how creative it is that you can make your own wallpapers and stuff

Awesome wallpaper app

This is a awesome wallpaper app. I love it!!! From now on I can make my own for some cool wallpaper

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