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Very cool app

Very cool app, in a short time i fall in love with this and finally thanks for creating this best app

It’s good

If you can't find something here, youre not human, it's all you need!

Very good app!

This application seems to me very well you have good funds .😘❤

So helpful

This app is so helpful to find a wallpaper I could never find a wallpaper before so this helped me a lot this app is heaven

Awesome HD wallpapers and so cool

Wallpapers give me all the wallpapers I wanted I really love them 🤫

Great app

Great free app for creating your own phone wallpaper and lock screen background!

Don’t get this game

When I first got this I thought that you could paste and color and make a wallpaper but it just has random wallpapers and the other stuff is it just lets you have wallpapers of the pics you have I say never get this game ever!

I loved it very much the truth is good

Great app with great HD quality pictures. Every once in a while I'll get a notification on my phone that looks like an ad but it isn't annoying since it doesn't interfere with my usage of the app. In fact, it actually reminds me to look at the app

Excellent app and image quality

Very practical and with excellent images for my taste.

Very good is the best app that all👍

Ultra ultra ultra good excellent I loved it

The application is perfect ... I love it!

Let's see how it is at the discretion of the customer and congratulations to you that are attached


I thought you could MAKE your own app, but really you chose to have random people as it? I thought you could insert a picture and then add effects or something. And to load the add for another wallpaper with a stranger on it, it wouldn’t play!!!! Both times. Anyway, I wouldn’t get this app.

Just wallpaper (was expecting to make my own with random pictures)

HI um this is just a short review by the way I write lots of reviews on apps kinda for fun... any ways back to the app...I was hoping to look up pictures in this app then trim them and paste them all together and put in a back round color... then I found out it was just random pics to scroll through... kinda a let down I was expecting a lot from this app...

It's good

Very good to use to apply what's app wallpaper. it is good


So nice app.i also appreciate

Great app

Great app can't complain very great everyone should use if they want to

Very good

It is very good app plz download this app for edit your wallpaper

Really cool

Really Cool! High Quality wallpapers for me. Amazing!

I like all of it

You can choose something in any way, do not bother.

Very cool

This application is very cool, I advise you to download it !!!

Nice app

Good thing ringtones and wallpapers though every day change developers RESPECT


Often there I look at the regions and wallpaper and often find it just what kind of pity Toko does not often go to bed

Great app

A great app in one word. Like to use

Love this app

I love this app and I love the wallpapers

5 stars

This app is great 👍 I put 5 stars

Love this app

I Love this app!!!!! Me and my mum have both been using it. So cool

Great wallpaper app

Great wallpapers for my iPad. A must get app I love it and so will you 😉

The best app

The best app of all! Yes, there is advertising, but it disappears, it's only worth brushing on the next topic. All the wallpapers are crisp, juicy and for every taste


This app is so awsome. Love it

A great wallpaper app

A great place for wallpapers. Everyone should try it!


OSM aap and especially for wallpaper

So goood

This is so goooooooooooood. I love these wallpaper in forum

Friendly app

A million wallpaper for free. The new version not as user friendly.

I don’t really like it...

Eh, it’s not that good...

Great app

Gr8 doggie ❤️ This app is really great. But I think it needs more dog pictures. No matter what I still like it .My wallpaper is changing pretty much everyday.

Amazingly powerful app

I love how you can add backgrounds! It’s a great app. Let’s you erase backgrounds easily, and I highly recommend it.

Great great app

My kids love this app for photos and editing. This app helped them so much with insta and all pictures!!

it’s pretty cool

Making YouTube thumbnails with this app is so much easier than what I used to do. seriously the best—and it’s free!

Awesome selection!

This app is amazing and best app for erasing bagrounds. Makes it easy to erase a background in your photo!


Such an easy app to use! Love it I’ve used other apps like this and this one seems more precise so far. Also i had to pay for the other ones.

Looks good

This is a great app for digital pop hacking and the best background remover in the store

Not bad yet

It's looking good so far. cool application.. very useful and easy to understand...


Exactly what I was looking for.Very easy to use unlike other apps! Really great app, easy to use.

I use this a lot

The backgrounds are really cool and it’s real easy to cutout the background :)

Best app evrrr

Try this app for one day and I'll guarantee you'll be inpressed. It does what I need it to do


Great quality pics and lots of categories. Simply the best, no more words!!!


This app is so amazing.Ithas amazing photos. Thanks you

It's very good

It's very good app at showing newest pictures for wallpaper in HD resolution.

Thanks you so much

Thank you so much so good job it is called as I look at your pictures I love our world better than you are good.

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